Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech was unlike any other novel I have ever read. The format was completely new to me, and I am not sure how I feel about it. The book was a series of poems/responses from a male student and his teacher. The first half of the book are the student's entries/notes to his teacher. The second half includes the poems that his teacher had used that he formed his thoughts/ideas off of. I really liked this aspect. It made a lot more sense when I was able to see what the boy was responding to and his influences.
One thing I did not like about this book was the lack of story line. It made sense, but I was able to read the book very quickly. It was very one sided, but I was able to guess what his teacher was saying to him and how he chose to respond. I think that was an interesting effect the author had. Although she did not show us in writing, it was clearly implied.
This book was completely new to me, and I am not sure if i like it or hate it yet. There are aspects I find unique and entertaining, but I also feel as though i didn't really benefit much from reading it. Of course, I was able to see this genre and it's interesting characteristics, but I wanted more of a story and I didn't feel as though I got that. I think the boy was smart and I was able to think about what type of boy he was based upon the writings, and I think that was a nice element the author was able to evoke from me as a reader.
Everyone in our class was assigned this book, and I would be interested in hearing their thoughts to see the possible similarities and differences.

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