Thursday, April 8, 2010

Winter Friends by Mary Quattlebaum and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

Winter Friends by Mary Quattlebaum and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata is a book that has a variety of poems that revolve around the theme of winter. The poems are about the sights, sounds, activities, and items that are related to wintertime. Some examples are mittens, snow tracks, a whistle, sledding, snow, and the cold.
I really liked the fact that this poem book revolved around a theme. It would be a great tool to use in the classroom during the winter and to help students get ideas for poems. The book does not have to be read all at once or in order, and I think that is great! My favorite element was seeing how the theme was carried throughout. Another part of this book I really liked was the rhyming. I did not find it overwhelming, and it was used creatively. Also, I think children would have an easier time reading this book on their own.
The illustrations are cartoon like and the colors are bright. Most of the illustrations filled the page, and I liked that aspect a lot.
I would recommend this book to others because it has a lot of potential to be great in a classroom setting. Children could read this book alone or with help if necessary. It could be used to inspire writing poetry or give students a clearer understanding of what poetry can do and be like.

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