Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dog Biscuit by Helen Cooper

This was my first time reading Dog Biscuit by Helen Cooper, and I am glad that I picked it out. There were many aspects of this book that I liked, but there were also a few small things that I didn't.
First of all, Dog Biscuit is a book about a little girl who eats a dog treat and believes she is turning into a dog. The plot intrigued me when I read the inside cover, and I was curious what the story would be like. Well, I thought the story was pretty good. It was entertaining, but I thought there was something missing. However, I'm not sure exactly what that is. An issue I had with the story was that some of the pages rhymed and others did not. I think this distracted me as a reader. The flow made me a little nervous while I read it. I am not typically a fan of rhyme, but I liked it on the pages it was used. I almost think it would have been more effective if she had done that throughout.
My favorite part of this book was the illustrations. They were phenomenal. The colors were bright and complimented each other. Also, the author combined text and illustrations at times. For example, a sentence would be made from words found in the picture. Another fun feature was that the text colors and size varied.
Another part of this book that I really liked was that the author included a recipe for "Human-Being Treats" at the end of the book which tied into the end of the story. I think that was very clever and something readers could do after reading the book. I believe this was an excellent idea that children would really like because it would connect the book to their lives in a new and exciting way.
I enjoyed reading this book, and I would recommend it to others. I am curious about the author's other books, and I believe I will look into her other books.

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