Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Am Really a Princess by Carol Diggory Shields and illustrated by Paul Meisel

The books I have chosen to blog about this week have been selected because they were books my mother used to read to me or authors she enjoyed that I grew to love. That being said, after she read me this book, I decided that I was really a princess.
How can a typical 7-year-old who has grown up with her parents and sister her whole life believe she is really a princess? Imagination.
In I Am Really a Princess by Carol Diggory Shields, a little girl is fed up with her family, her chores, and her life. She is convinced that she is really a princess, and she knows her true parents will be shocked to learn how she has been treated. What princess is expected to help around the house or follow the rules set in place by her parents? Every wish is attainable. There is not request too great. In fact, the world is a princesses kingdom. However, even if every wish is granted, there are some things that are more important than possessions. This book helps convey that message to readers in a light hearted and comical way.
I believe that this book is geared more towards young girls, but I also think boys could enjoy it as well. While the main character is imagining her life as a princess, there are numerous aspects of her life that would appeal to almost all children. Who wouldn't want a room with a secret passageway or a personal chef?
This book is one that children can read themselves, but I think the difficulty level may be too high for some young children. However, I believe they would enjoy the book if it was read to them. In order to do this book complete justice, it should be read with a lot of expression and voice.
Possibly one of my favorite aspects of this book are the illustrations done by Paul Meisel. They are extremely elaborate. There are numerous small details that contribute to a very descriptive picture. In fact, there are some that probably go overlooked the first time through.
Overall, I would recommend this book because of the creative and imaginative plot as well as the detailed illustrations.

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