Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off by Ann Martin

Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off by Ann Martin would appeal to any child who has had issues with jealousy of another child. Almost everyone knows a person who seems to try and outshine and compete with them. Well, the two kindergarten girls in this story seem to try and outdo each other throughout the story. Olivia says she has a cat. Well, Rachel has a little sister. Rachel has a fun grandfather. Well, Olivia doesn't have to share her toys. You get the picture. Throughout the story the two girls seem to compete with the other, and it appears that they will not get along and be best friends. However, this all changes in the end when they help each other with difficult words while reading a book to the class.
I think that this book is one that children would enjoy because the language used in it is fun and almost child-like at times. It is as though a kindergarten student is narrating, which I think that is what the author is going for. I liked that aspect of the text.
The illustrations in this book were filled with color and details, and I really liked that. I also liked the fact that the characters were different races because it seems like that does not happen very frequently in childrens books that I have read so far. The facial expressions made me laugh at times because they looked very realistic when expressing strong emotions.
My mom's friend has a daughter who is in kindergarten, and my mom was invited to read to their class. She selected this book and recommended it to me because the kids seemed to enjoy it a lot. I would also pass on this recommendation to others!

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